Free-thinking, primal-oriented, fun-loving, mostly freegan, scavenging outdoor enthusiast just living life while trying to optimize the happiness of myself and those around me.


After living the glamorous Army Brat lifestyle all my life, experiencing Germany, AZ, AK, PA, OH, New Zealand, MD, and Puerto Rico, the decision was made in middle school that I was done being fat. With the required transitional foray into low fat, vegetarianism, and the body building diets, I landed on paleo with Cordain’s Paleo Diet for Athletes in March 2012. A few grain free months later I was subjected to Marks Daily Apple and used that as my bible for the past 3 years! I was recently featured as a success story!

Currently living in Austin, TX, I am providing Life Engineering services, selling iguana jerky, forming an ice cream company, and serving in the TX Army National Guard Medical Service Corps.

Maybe some day in the future I will have some wise words to provide yall, but until then, you will have to settle for this…



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