I’ve been convinced to start a blog. There are so many other people doing it and it seems like some good things may come of it! Thanks to Anthony Gustin at http://thepaleofix.com/ and Allison Wojtowecz at http://flabstofitness.com/ for providing more motivation to get this started. I hold the right the withdraw the thank you if I don’t get anything out of it… 🙂

The http://www.paleofx.com/ conference really made me thankful that a group exists of people that are so open-minded, fun, and caring and hopefully this will help me stay more involved in the ancestral health community. I am really interested in forming a youth conference and may pitch the idea to them or look into a more outdoors event like a PrimalCon without the expensive luxury rooms.

My hopes for the blog are:

  • Impress upon others the “weird” things I do
  • Explain these weird behaviors to others to develop a better understanding of why I do some things I do
  • Promote a healthier society and motivate others to make decisions that will improve their lives
  • Form a more cohesive tribe
  • Meet like-minded individuals
  • Save time by having people communicate directly to me instead of me seeking out answers to all my questions
  • Engage in discussions to help me figure out life
  • Help others understand wellness enhancement and connect them to each other
  • Review new food products
  • Show the delicious food I’m devouring on the daily
  • Maybe people will think I know what I’m talking about more if I have a blog?

Please leave comments giving your unfiltered thoughts. I’ll share a good story soon 🙂


5 thoughts on “Will Anyone Read This?

  1. Definitely! Keep it goin, build a tribe! If you need peers to help out w making a paleo/ancestral health youth conference, you’ve got at least one =) sounds fun. Looking forward to the stories!


  2. Thanks for the love on here, Zach! So happy you took the plunge and started this site. I can’t wait to see how it grows and I’m also super happy to have met you at Paleo f(x)!


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